Heat detection is just as important at the end of the season as it is at its peak.

There are a few reasons for this which this blog will go into (buckle up!).

Vasectomised hereford bull wearing moocall heat for heat detection by Laren Lemmut in finland

Who is in-calf?

It is imperative that you confirm which of your cows are actually pregnant.

If everything has been served at this stage it’s important to know what is coming in heat.

If they are breaking (repeats beyond 3 weeks) this can be an indicator of a problem with the cow or with the herd overall, it would be one of the biggest reason people cull cows.

Timing is a big reason for culling late cows, as it could throw your system out of whack.


Other things to do

Later in the year people have different jobs to do on the farm while the last of the good weather is still around.

Many methods of heat detection at the moment, especially manual ones, require a lot of time and energy being put in.

It’s a lot of hassle, and many farmers opt instead to spend their time catching up on other important jobs around the farm (fencing etc.)

Silage is normally a consideration, so the odds are that farmers are busy at non-cattle activities, not spending as much time with the cows or not thinking about them as much.

Having your heat detection taken care of is worth quite a bit for peace of mind around now.


Less time consuming

Rather than use the aforementioned heat detection systems, that require a lot of attention, and are susceptible to human error.

Electronic systems are much better when it comes to identifying problem breeders that should be turned out for culling.

However, most electronic systems work off a base station and need cows to be a set proximity from it to take a reading to identify whether or not they are in heat.

Moocall HEAT is a high tech solution for heat detection that you can use outdoors too – it doesn’t work off a base station, and is designed specifically for heat detection.

Moocall HEAT collar and Moocall RFID tags on a vasectomised Angus bull and Holstein Frisians

It works by connecting a collar to a bull and RFID tags to each of the cattle. The collar then feeds you back data to your phone and alerts you when there is mounting activity so you can prepare AI and strike at the right moment if you’re using a teaser, or know which animals are being bred by a stock bull.

moocall rfid tag

This means less money wasted on straws!

The device gives you instant and precise data, so all you have to do is use our app, Moocall Breedmanager, to see all of your cows and know who is doing what.

It also generates due dates automatically, so no money wasted on scans either .

Learn more about Moocall HEAT here: https://moocall.com/pages/moocall-heat-information