Breedmanager – User Interact Guide
1. Creating an Account / Login

When you register your Moocall calving sensor, you will receive an email with your login details for the My Moocall dashboard. Use the same login details to access your app.

If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one.

If you are having issues logging in be aware that the username (your email address) is case sensitive so make sure it isn’t auto-capitalising the first letter. Also be sure there are no spaces at the end.

If this still doesn’t work, try the following. In your phone go to settings -> applications -> moocall and clear data and cache. Then click on ‘force close’. Restart the app and everything should work for you.

If you don’t have a Moocall calving sensor, you can still use the app to access our community section, or our herd management features. Just tap “Signup” on the login screen and fill in the form with your details to create an account.

2. The Moocall Community

The first thing you’ll see is our community page. Here you can talk with other farmers, ask questions or answer questions from other farmers. Anyone can see and join in on a conversation. Tap on the funnel in the top right to filter posts by location or to see posts by people you have liked in the past.

Tapping the Menu icon in the top left will show you all the pages you can access in the app.

Tap on the silhouette on the top to set your nickname for the community section of the app and to add a photo of yourself if you want to. This will be how you show up to others in the app.

3. Herd Management
4. Live chat support

The next selection in the menu is “Ask Moocall”. Here you can chat directly with one of our staff to ask all and any questions you may have about Moocall and our products.

5. MyMoocall device management

Under “MyMoocall” you can see the status of all your Moocall calving sensors, including batterly level and software version. Swipe from right to left or tap on “Phones” to see the phone numbers associated with your account. Here you can also add new numbers, delete old numbers and if you have multiple Moocall calving sensors, assign phone numbers to different sensors so you always have someone alerted when calving starts.

“Ask the community” will bring you back to our community page.

6. Moocall calving sensor settings

In “Settings” you can adjust your language (currently only English, additional languages to come in the future), the time zone you’re in as well as your email notification preferences and the ringtone that the Moocall app will use to alert you of a calving in progress.

Things we are working on:

We are continually developing this app. Here is a list of features we are currently working on. If you have suggestions for features or feedback on existing usability please do let us know.

  • notification 1 week prior to cow due date
  • offline version
  • weekly email updates of important events
  • search feature
  • activity log