It is important to bear in mind that most things you do when rearing cattle is aimed at getting them to reproduce at the end of it.

For dairy cattle, this is to maintain milk production, for sucklers, it’s to have strong calves to sell on.

The 2 Moocall devices – Moocall Calving Sensor and Moocall HEAT – may perform very different tasks, but they both play roles in the same cycle.

moocall calving sensor moocall heat

In case you don’t know, Moocall HEAT is heat detection collar that sends you a mobile alert when your cow is in heat.

The calving sensor is a device you attach to a cows tail that sends you an alert just prior to the start of calving.

Moocall HEAT gives you precise breeding data and tells you when your cow is in heat. As well as this, it automatically generates a due date for her calving when she has been inseminated.

This way you get to save money on scans – which come at roughly €5 apiece. If you’re trying to breed 50 cows, this figure doesn’t take long in rising.

vet cow scan

WIth HEAT, you not only know how many cattle are calving, but also when.

This way, you can organise yourself and how much labour you might need ahead of time and plan, but you know exactly which cows should be calving.

Once your cow has calved, the Breedmanager can track fresh cows and their progress through the 4 cycles of breeding again using smart lists for: In Calf, Cycling, In Heat and Inseminated cattle.

breedmanager app

Moocall has breeding organised at both ends of the cycle. What do you find the most stressful or impractical part of breeding? Does Moocall help solve any of your problems? Let us know in the comments.