Dairy farmers are spoilt for choice when it comes to heat detection systems for their cattle. But the options that are out there don’t vary much in terms of what they’re offering.

Moocall HEAT, our new heat detection system, breaks the mold, though.

The most obvious thing we do is connect the heat collar to the bull. This way, we’re ensuring you get nature’s best heat detection agent on the case.

It’s taking the precision of electronic heat detection systems, the accuracy of a teaser bull with chin ball, hooking it up to a mobile network and letting you know instantly when your cows are in heat.

All of this requires minimum setup. Scan and register your Moocall RFID tags into the free breedmanager app and tag your cows accordingly. Attach the collar to the bull. Let them out together and wait for the results to come in!



The thing that gives this system the edge over existing tech is that it is the only electronic heat detection system that isn’t chained to a base station.

It works off the GSM network so it can work anywhere in the world, just like our calving sensor. The battery life in the collar is over 60 days on a full charge so it should be out there for the entire breeding season.

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Non-Labour intensive

Compared to the analogue systems that already exist for heat detection – tail paint, chin balls, scratch cards, etc – Moocall HEAT requires a fraction of the inspection time.

This will save you massively on labour costs. Think of it this way – you could save 100 hours in 12 weeks if you have a herd of 50 cows.


You’re removing human error from the equation too, which can save you a fortune on straws.

When a heat IS detected, you will be alerted immediately along with a time when the heat occurred so you can plan your AI in line with the am/pm rule and maximise your conception rate.

The only labour you will need is tagging the cows, putting the collar on the bull, and taking the in-heat cow into the chute for insemination.

This lets you reinvest the money you’re saving into getting more expensive straws to improve the genetic merit of your herd.


The Moocall HEAT collar can be rotated between bulls, so if you wanted to AI at the beginning of the season, and use a clean up bull at the end, that’s no problem! You will also get a good insight as to which bulls are performing.

You can use as many bulls with collars at once as you like and the Breedmanager app will collate a detailed report for you as to what’s happening.

Prohibitive pricing

The existing electronic heat detection systems can cost up to €10k. Moocall HEAT, costs much less than the other systems out there, and brings something totally different to the table.

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