You may have noticed the section on your Moocall Breedmanager App called “Heat Exclusion Zones” and wondered what does this feature do?

A Heat Exclusion zone is simply an area you wish to exclude the bull/collar from detecting heats in, this is typically an area there is a risk of false detections due to the bull with a collar being in close proximity with cows.

Examples of areas that might be excluded are:

  • Collecting yards where cows are standing waiting to be milked

  • In holding pens where the vasectomised bull may be waiting with the cows while one is being AI’d or you are carrying out some routine dosing
  • Outdoor meal or silage feeders, an area where cows can congregate for periods of time while feeding

How do I set up an Exclusion Zone?

  1. Open the menu on your Breedmanager APP, then go to the section “Heat Exclusion Zones”
  1. Take an unused Moocall RFID Tag, then scan the barcode.  This tag will automatically be saved as an exclusion tag
  1. When a collar passes by or reads one of these exclusion tags, detection will be paused for 30 minutes
  1. Hang the tag or multiple tags in the area you wish to exclude, using a cable tie is an easy way to do it


  • In a large area 2 tags might be needed
  • Place tag at the entrance to collecting yard or somewhere the bull is sure to pass and read the tag (The collar can read the tag from a range of 2.5m)
  • Allow 5-10cm between the tag and any metal materials such as gates
  • The tag should hang vertically so the Moocall logo reads vertically (Loop a cable tie through and hang)

For further advice on any of the above, please contact a member of the Moocall team to speak to some of our breeding specialists on +353 1 96 96 038 or email

Learn more about Moocall HEAT here: