As breeding season closes in farmers are thinking more and more about heat detection and how they can achieve the highest possible conception rates.

There are a lot of things to be considered when you decide to rely on vasectomised bulls for heat detection, so we had a chat about it with Dublin agricultural vet Conor Melvin.

Moocall HEAT is most effective when used with a vasectomised bull and AI, but because of the 6 week waiting time after the procedure, now is the time to be buying them in, or getting the procedure done.


Conor stressed that disease prevention was paramount when planning anything like this. He said sourcing your teasers internally makes sense from a disease prevention point of view.

However he recognised that that it’s not always possible: “If you can, source one from inside the herd. But that might not be feasible for some guys.

“Before you buy a bull ensure that they’re coming from a disease-free herd, that they’re vaccinated leptospirosis with two shots before you bring them into your herd. That’s what I think is the most important thing.”

moocall heat

The more, the merrier

Another important thing to consider, according to the Dublin vet, was getting a second teaser.

He said: “It depends how many cows you have because if one gets injured, a backup is definitely a good idea.”

It makes financial sense considering what you could be saving down the line. He explained broadly what you can expect to pay for the procedure for several bulls.

He said: “Most bulls are done for €150. If you want a second or third one done while you’re there it’ll be another €30, €40 on top of that, which in the grand scheme of things is minute.

“It’s the cheapest best form of heat detection I find anyway. For an extra €30 or €40 while you’re getting the job done have another one done and you’ll have back up.

“Otherwise you’ll have invested in the Moocall HEAT and if your bull gets injured or exhausted you’ll have nothing else to put the apparatus on.”

One of the most important factors to consider when preparing a teaser bull is time. A teaser needs to know what he’s at before showtime.

“Acclimatise him before you breed him. Let him run with the cows beforehand and he knows the business so he’s not wasting half your time of going in too prematurely with the straws.

“Also, you don’t want him to hang around three days in advance. You want him to get the job done make sure he knows what to do with the cow.”

Conor reckons the real benefit with Moocall HEAT will come in the middle of breeding season when it’s harder to detect heats.

He said: “You actually won’t need him until week 3. There’ll be loads of cows bulling and you’ll be able to find the first few.

Moocall HEAT will be very effective when there’s not enough cows bulling. After the first month’s bulling they’ll be harder to find.”

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