Firmware Update 

We have just released a new firmware update to all Moocall calving sensors.

To update your device, simply plug it into the charger. Try and charge it in an area with good mobile phone coverage. After a few minutes you will see the light start to flash red, this means it is updating. Once the device is fully charged, and the light goes green, it is ready to use. 

Whats changed?

Now the calving sensor gives you visual feedback of when it is trying to connect to the network. So when you turn it on, it will blink rainbow lights until it actively connects to the network. This way, when you see the blue flashing light you can always be confidant that your sensor is working correctly and connected to the network. If there is a problem with the network, the LED display will start flashing rainbow colours again. 

We also have introduced a notification onto the dashboard which tells you when a device turns off. The dashboard, is found at The device doesn’t send a message or an app notification when the sensor turns off, it just registers it as an event in the online dashboard (app to follow soon).

Moocall LED light explanations

Of course you can still also test the connection at any point by pressing the power button two times in a row. This will change the flashing blue light to a flashing green light, the sensor will test itself and send you a text message to tell you it is fully operational. 

Moocall device test procedure

As always, we are here to help if needed and feedback always appreciated.