As farming technology gets more sophisticated, farmers can afford to move their goalposts and expect more productivity.

In breeding, this is no different, and the benefits of a well-planned, well-executed breeding plan could spill over into other aspects of your operation.

However, to get the best out of this, you will want a large percentage of your cows to get in-calf during the first week of mating. This is also called a ‘6-week in-calf rate’.


If you were using AI in the past you couldn’t rely on this – it just wouldn’t have been viable! Heat detection technology was too limited and farm labour was too expensive.

However, with today’s technology – such as our Moocall HEAT system – you can realistically aim for most of your cows being in-calf after the first week; you can have your breeding herd inseminated at the optimum time.

It is important for a cow to calf early so they can begin cycling ASAP. This is because there are just 12 weeks from the start of calving to when mating begins.

Young bull wearing moocall heat for heat detection sniffing cows for estrus

A cow’s least fertile heat is their first one after calving. If they calve early, they can get this out of the way before mating starts.

As a result they will have a bigger chance of getting back in-calf when mating begins.

Cow with calf after using moocall calving sensor

What are the benefits?

The benefits of early heat detection, and getting the cow in-calf mean more:

  • AI calves
  • Milk in the vat before Christmas
  • Voluntary culls
  • Cash in the bank (a single missed heat costs dairy and suckler farmers €250 and €147 respectively!)

Milking cows

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What are the drawbacks?

The drawbacks to purchasing most electronic heat detection systems is that only large dairy operations are able to invest; they tend to carry a large price tag.

This isn’t the case for Moocall HEAT whose low cost gives suckler farmers high accuracy heat detection at a price proportionate to the size of their operation.

The nature of the product means it works from very small operations to big operations too, and you’re not forking out for features you won’t use.

And you don’t just get good heat detection; you get far more efficient herd management because of the system’s integration with the Moocall Breedmanager app. You can get this free on the Google Play or App store.

Learn more about Moocall HEAT here: