Introducing the Moocall Companion App

Today we are happy to announce that our Moocall iOS app is now available for download. We have also updated our Android app with a new version featuring a community section. Login with your Moocall account information, or if you don’t own a device, simply create an account.

Herd Management 

The iOS app includes a free to use herd management tool. You do not need to have a Moocall calving sensor to make use of this feature. It includes the ability to:

  • input cow tag numbers, names and images.
  • set due dates.
  • record calving information such as date, weight, birthing information and sire.
  • easily get an idea of the calving difficulty levels of your herd. We analyse all the data you input and give you an indication of the average herd calving difficulty level. 

Manage your Moocall calving sensor

The app lets you manage your sensor on the go. Including:

  • your phone will use a ringtone (it ‘moos’ by default) to notify you when you get a calving notification – great for night time alerts to ensure you don’t miss the sms. This delivers one minute after the sms and requires your phone not to be set to silent.
  • receive notifications over wifi even when your phone is out of coverage.
  • easily add and remove phone numbers.
  • choose your language and control your email notifications.
  • see real time information about your device (turned on, turned off, charging and so on).

Ask Team Moocall

If you have any questions about your device or your service, we have built in live chat into the app and our team will respond to any queries in real time as quickly as possible (responses may sometimes be slower out of hours).

Android App update – including a community section

We have also made some exciting changes to the Android app, we have introduced a community element to the app. This will be added to the iOS app in about 3 weeks. At that point the two apps will remain in sync and new updates will be pushed to both apps at the same time.

This is essentially an area where anyone (including non Moocall owners) from the farming community can share information, ideas and start discussions. 

You can get involved in discussions, comment on posts and images and like posts by others. This is a new community so please do get involved and say hello!

Read information you actually care about:

You can filter what you see by a variety of topics including Farming News, Dairy Farming, Cattle Breeding, Buy and Sell and the Business of Farming. Every time you create a post you will be asked to categorise it into one of these sections, to help others discover information relevant to them. 

You can also filter by country. This means you can take a look at at what members of the farming community in other regions are discussing and how they tackle issues and problems. 

There is also an option to filter by ‘People I’ve Liked’. What this does is show you only posts by users whose content you have previously enjoyed. 

What’s in the pipeline?

We are continually developing and improving these apps and remain committed to doing so for the foreseeable future. 

Things we planning on releasing soon include:

  • community element for the iOS app
  • sorting your cows by their due date so you can see who is up next
  • reminding you when a cows due date is approaching
  • calf image recording
  • more calving sensor information such as service renewal and warranty info
  • letting you know when a device is off a tail
  • device battery levels (currently available in our online version at

Need more information? Read the user guide here.

Watch a quick walk through of the Moocall app:


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