Moocall HEAT testing is underway in New Zealand, and our Kiwi test farmers are seeing the benefits already – setup took just 2 hours!

Our tester Brendan arrived on the farm in Canterbury, South Island for setup on the 600-head farm belonging to George and Rachel.

They use 2-year-old Jersey teaser (vasectomised) Bulls for heat detection but to make the test fair, they decided to use the Moocall HEAT collars on a separate heifer herd of ~100 for the next 3 weeks.

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Brendan tagged all the heifers with the Moocall RFID tag. He used a Leader tagger, that he found matched the Moocall tag well.

The workflow was good, and the Breedmanager App scanned the QR code fast in potentially difficult lighting – strong sun and shadows.

All tags were attached as per Moocall instructions – with the antenna to the back of the ear.

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The bulls took to the collars with only a small amount of protest – got a rub in a pile of gravel, but they seemed settled within half an hour.

Rachel and George then got set up with the Moocall Breedmanager app, which took seconds. Brendan downloaded and installed Breedmanager for his Android phone and set up his account.

He then Downloaded Apple version for George and Rachel. George’s cellphone was also registered for SMS messages.

Tagging, collar attaching and app setup were all complete in the space of 2 hours. Which isn’t bad when you’re saving hundreds of hours in a season!

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And here is the beauty of the system in action. Our tester Brendan got his alert about heat activity 4 hours later when he was in the airport.