Ploughing time is back again and you know what that means… MOOCALL’S PLOUGHING SALE

Because every farm is different we’ve come up with 2 different ways to get your hands on a Moocall HEAT system at 2 amazing prices.

THESE OFFERS ONLY APPLY DURING THE 2019 NATIONAL PLOUGHING CHAMPIONSHIPS – don’t miss them. Once these prices are, they’re gone!


€999 Moocall HEAT system


€1200 Moocall HEAT system (€200 deposit)


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Benefits of Moocall

  • Tail-mounted, non-invasive calving sensor
    Designed and tweaked with cow welfare in mind.
  • Proven greater than 95% accuracy
  • Notifies you one hour before calving starts
    Get an SMS text one hour and two hours before the onset of calving.
  • Be present at every calving
    A huge proportion of calf deaths can be attributed to Dystocia (difficult birth brought about by malpresentation of the calf or size of the uterus) .
    This can be prevented in many cases by early intervention – an advantage you can get from The Moocall Calving Sensor.
  • One sensor covers 40 cows
    The Moocall Calving Sensor is fully transferable between animals meaning that depending on your operation, your calving sensor could cover 40 or 50 cows.
  • Ensure best start in life (colostrum, etc.)
    colostrum quality drop
    From the moment your calf hits the ground, the quality of the dam’s colostrum begins to drop. As you can see in the graph above, colostrum quality drops by 35% in the first 12 hours.
    Calf colostrum intake
    As colostrum quality drops, so too does the calf’s ability to absorb colostrum. After 12 hours, a calf can only absorb a quarter of the benefits from colostrum that it would have in the first 2 hours.
  • Be more productive in other areas of the farm
    Cut out the time you would spend needlessly checking your cow and spend it doing any number of other essential tasks on the farm.
    You will be safe in the knowledge you will be there on time to help your cow and calf when they need you most.