UK Price Increase

Unfortunately we have tried to hold off as long as possible to adjust our pricing due to the currency changes caused by the Brexit announcement. We really hoped we could ride out the drop in value, however the time has come where we have to react.

As of November 1st, Moocall calving sensors in the UK will be priced at £239+tax and the annual charge will be £109.

If you were on the fence about making a purchase, now is the time to buy – also please note we have also added a 60 day money-back guarantee to every new product sold. Buy here:

Also, if your annual charge is over due, or upcoming in the next month please contact our office on 0203 627 1126 to pay the reduced price before Nov 1.

60 day money-back guarantee

We are so confidant in our product, and customers tell us they love it so much that we have just introduced a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that if you are thinking of purchasing a Moocall calving sensor, you should now have the peace of mind to take the plunge. You have plenty of time to assess how it works and see how it fits into your farming system. 

If you aren’t happy after 60 days, simply put a stamp on the box and send it back to us for a full refund.