Our latest product Moocall HEAT takes the hassle out of heat detection in cows and heifers.

The system – made up of an electronic neck collar for the bull and Moocall RFID tags for the cow – detects 98% of heats in cattle including silent heats.

While farming technology already has some solutions to heat detection, here’s what sets our product apart.

We monitor the bull

Moocall HEAT uses natures best bovine heat detector, the bull, unlike existing systems which are cow focused.

You could call it a chin ball for the 21st century. One of the biggest advantages is that you’re not relying on behavior of cows which can be unpredictable (eg maiden heifers).

It also tells you about the fertility of both the bull and the cow. It can tell you if your stock bull is lazy, injured, or infertile.

The average loss due to an infertile stock bull is €5880, but Moocall HEAT could minimise this figure.

Moocall HEAT

Exact times, lots of data

Because the system works with the free Moocall Breedmanager app, the data collected by Moocall HEAT is live, comprehensive and easy to digest.

Data is automatically integrated with the Breedmanager app which lets you easily track your heats, repeats and due dates. Between this and the Calving Sensor, lots of your workload will be streamlined.

You get this data in real time, so you can arrange your AI fast if necessary. Time is money in the heat game, and studies prove this. The average cost of a missed heat is €147 to an Irish beef farmer and €250 to an Irish dairy farmer.


No base station

Moocall HEAT can operate anywhere where there is a 3G signal. This gives you the freedom to put the bull amongst the cows at pasture and not worry about blind spots or going out of range.

A full charge in the collar can last up to 60 days so once you’ve set it up, the bull does the rest of the work.

It can accurately detect when a cow is in her standing heat and alert the farmer via SMS message and app update.


The Moocall HEAT is an affordable alternative to other electronic heat detection products on the market which can cost upwards of €10,000.

Our system is specifically dedicated to catching heats, which saves you from paying for features that might not be relevant to your operation type or size.

It is easy to use, while other systems can require training time, setup, and maintenance.

Highly Accurate heat detection

The Moocall HEAT is much more accurate than any other heat detection device on the market, catching 98% of heats, including silent heats. You are notified in real time about heats in your herd, leaving you able to AI more promptly.

Existing systems for beef operations demand close range monitoring and leave a lot of room for error. Moocall HEAT tells you exactly when the cow was serviced, whereas other systems like scratch cards can be confusing when you need to distinguish which markings are old and which are new.

Check it out here: https://moocall.com/pages/moocall-heat-information