A well planned calving season is, more often than not, a successful calving season.

For many farmers, the Moocall calving sensor is key at calving time – but did you know it can be even better at if you use it with our Breedmanager app?

Ahead of a busy spring calving season, here are just a few advantages you can have when you use the app and the device in tandem.

Louder alerts

Calving alerts on the Moocall Breedmanager app prompt a loud, Moo-ing ringtone when your phone isn’t on silent mode.

If a calving should be detected late at night, this is more likely to wake you than an SMS notification.

As long as you’re connected to WiFi or using mobile data you can get these calls. So it’s a solid backup if you happen have bad phone signal.

List of alerts

The app contains a full list of the alerts the calving sensor sends out, along with the time they were sent at.

You can investigate all your alerts no matter where you are, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

List of Moocall Calving Sensor Alerts Breedmanager app

Unlimited devices

You can connect an unlimited number of app accounts to a Moocall calving sensor, compared to just two SMS-receiving phone numbers. This means you can have more backup if you are unreachable for any reason.

Connect as many smartphones as you like to your Moocall Calving sensor

Quick notes

You can add your calf’s details to the app so you can get them in a pinch. You can also add notes underneath each calves profile. This means you can remind yourself of essential things, for example when and if you gave colostrum.

Breedmanager app notes Moocall

Smart Lists

One of the biggest advantages of using the Moocall Breedmanager App is the ‘smart list’ feature.

If you use it right, you can organise calvings better in the long term. When you enter the details of your cows and heifers, it tells you by week who should be calving.

Moocall Breedmanager smart lists

How do I get the Moocall Breedmanager app?

The Moocall Breedmanager App is available from the Apple App store if your device is iOS, and the Google Play store if your device is Android.

If you can’t find it, search for Moocall, and it should appear for you to download.

When you download it, either enter your account details or create a new Moocall account, and you can get using it straight away!

If you think the Moocall calving sensor works well with the Breedmanager app, just wait until you see MoocallHEAT.