Some months ago, we released a new red rubber strap which attaches to the inside of the Moocall calving sensor device.

If you are a Moocall owner and don’t have one of these, you should!

Why, you ask? Well here are four good reasons to get your hands on the new red rubber for the Moocall calving sensor:

1: Downward pointing ‘fins’

This leads to better grip. To know if it is attached properly you should be able to twist it left and right, and be able to move it up the tail slightly, but not down.

2: Two removable strips

When you receive your red rubber, it will be too big for most cattle. But don’t fret.

It was designed so you can tailor yours to best fit your herd. There are two removable strips at the end that you can cut off depending on how big your biggest cow’s tail is.


3: Removes need for ratchet system

Because the red rubber has a brand new design designed to be worn looser on the tail, there is no longer any need to ratchet up the Moocall calving sensor.

It sits comfortably when you simply pull the strap through now, with a much lower risk of the device falling.

(Plus if it does fall, our new update to the Moocall calving sensor means you will get a notification)

4: More comfortable for the cow

The cow will be much more comfortable with the device on her tail because the red rubber is gentler than the ratcheting system.

As a result, you are less likely to receive false notifications because the cow will be less likely to notice it.



Fashionable red colour

Bright red design to make all the bulls take notice. Actually, bulls and all other cattle are colourblind. But it will brighten up the farm for you at least!