Even if you don’t have a Moocall device, such as the Moocall Calving Sensor or MoocallHEAT, the Moocall Breedmanager App can make your cattle farm run a lot smoother.

Here are 6 good reasons you should download it.

Understand the numbers behind your herd

It is much easier to read a pie chart than a list. In Moocall Breedmanager’s smart lists, each animal is given its own profile which you can edit. When you upload this information, we present the data in a digestible way to get a better idea of your herd at a glance.

As well as that, our smart lists can calculate when each cow is due to repeat, calf and cycle.


Get a look at farms from around the world

People in over 50 countries are using Moocall! The Moocall Breedmanager has a community feature which lets anyone post pictures of their animals, ask questions and keep in touch. It’s like Facebook for farmers.


Fast customer service

If you are having any issues with your Moocall, you can consult our customer support team on the live chat service and they will be with you in a jiff.


Keep a record

If you’re away from the office, Breedmanager has a handy note feature inside every animal’s profile to let you jot down any essential times and dates if you’re missing a pen.


Use it with Moocall Calving Sensor

Your can register as many iOS or Android devices as you like to your Moocall Calving Sensor, so long as they have the Moocall Breedmanager app installed.

So long as you are connected to mobile internet or WiFi, you will receive all of the regular Moocall calving sensor alerts.

This is particularly handy if your phone is in an area of particularly bad signal.

If the calving sensor detects that your cow is ready to calf, the app will send out a loud ‘moo-ing’ sound, which is very handy late at night. This way you’re more likely to wake up than if you were just relying on the SMS texts.

You can look back on all of your past notifications from your Moocall Calving Sensor here too.

Sync it up with your MoocallHEAT device

The MoocallHEAT comes with 50 RFID tags. You can register these tags on the Moocall Breedmanager app by simply scanning them in with your camera.

When you have your MoocallHEAT up and running it will auto-update your smartlists, meaning all you have to do is check your phone for precise breeding data.

If you have any questions about the Breedmanager app, or any other Moocall products, ask in the comments below. Don’t forget to share!