One common misconception people have when buying calving equipment is that the Moocall calving sensor and calving cameras serve the same purpose.

Because of this, people often pick one, and leave the other at the wayside.

However, while both devices help you keep track of calving, they do it in very different ways.

Compare it to a burglar alarm and CCTV. They’re both very useful. However, one without the other can give you some big drawbacks.

It’s important to know just what you’re getting before you rule out buying the other option.

What they offer:


Live stream

This lets you see what is happening live through your TV, PC or smartphone. While the Moocall is 95% accurate, a farmer’s instinct is hard to beat.

calving cameras moocall calving sensor

Doubles up as a security camera

With livestock theft on the rise, security is becoming increasingly important to farmers’ livelihoods.

As well as that, calving is often dangerous as some animals can become aggressive when their maternal instinct kicks in. The cameras give you that extra layer of security.

cctv farm cow cattle moocall



The calving sensor actively alerts you when something happens. It sends an alert approximately two hours and one hour before calving commences.

Better sleeping pattern

If a camera owner expected a night calving, their sleep would suffer. They would need to wake up at various times of the night to check the live stream.

However, a Moocall sensor owner gets up when they need to. You can be alert and ready to step in.

moocall cow calving sensor

More productive

If a camera owner expected their cow to calf during the day, they would have to keep a spare eye on their screen, which would take away from other important tasks.

The farmer who owns the calving sensor, however, can still be just as productive around the farm even at this busy time.

The onus is on the sensor to to check the cows, and not on the farmer to check the sensor.

moocall efficient productive calving sensor heat

More affordable

The Moocall Calving sensor is more affordable than many of the calving camera solutions out there. As well as that, there is no installation costs, you don’t need to have internet in your shed, and you don’t need to run wires underground.

Why you should use them in tandem

Both devices have distinct advantages that the other one doesn’t offer.

If used together, they complement each other and can make for a more successful calving season.

Difficult Calvings

With the calving sensor, you have a better grasp of how long the calving is taking. However, it is difficult to make a judgement unless you can see the animal.

On the other hand with calving cameras, you can see the animal and would have a better idea if they are having a difficult calving. However without a timescale, it can be hard to make a judgement.

Cost reduction

If you use the calving sensor to tell you how far along the cow is, and you use the cameras to check on the cow, you can tell if you’ll need hired assistance.