With the breeding coming to an end on many Spring Calving herds it will soon be time to put your Moocall HEAT collar away for another season.

Before you do, here are our top tips on HEAT collar maintenance and how to keep it in tip-top shape.


Clean your collar using a hard-bristled brush to take off any loose mud or dirt on the plastic and rubber joints.  You can use a damp cloth to take of any remaining dirt.  Clean the fabric strap using some warm soapy water.

*Do not Submerge in water

Your Moocall heat collar is waterproof, but it is not recommended to submerge in a bucket of water to clean.

There may be some build-up of dirt or dander from the bull in the metal buckle, it is very important to clean this out, and spray some WD40 or other freeing oil once cleaned.

Look for Wear and Tear

Inspect your collar for any general wear and tear after a season on the bull.  Some bulls can be more inclined to scratch off trees walls or ditches testing the integrity of rubber and plastic!  The rubber joints on the collar provide flex allowing the collar to move with the bull making it more comfortable for him, these joints are a wearable part and will take the brunt of any scratching.  If you have trees on the farm or your bulls spends some time indoors, these rubber joints and the fabric strap may become worn after time.  If you think they need to be changed contact Moocall for advice on the matter.

Moocall HEAT collars are made from a hardwearing nylon which is tough stuff, able to withstand wear and tear and heavy impacts, it is unlikely that a plastic will break or crack but give your collar a once over once you have it cleaned.  Marks and scratches will be common on all collars, but they will not affect the performance or structural integrity of your collar.

Battery Maintenance

Plug in your collar to fully charge before storing away.  When plugged in and charging the light on the side of your collar will be solid blue, with a red flash if a software upgrade is taking place, when charged fully the light will go green.

Storing your collar with a full battery means the battery capacity will be maintained throughout the years, this is true for any electronic device with a powerful battery.


Keep your collar safe by storing it in its hard, plastic case.

Like with any electronic device it is best practice to avoid storing at extremes in temperature to optimise battery performance.

It is best to store at a temperature of ~15 °C and avoid temperatures lower than 10°C so storing inside in a house would be a better option than a cold shed particularly during winter months.


For further advice on any of the above, please contact a member of the Moocall team to speak to some of our breeding specialists on +353 1 96 96 038 or email support@moocall.com

Learn more about Moocall HEAT here: https://moocall.com/pages/moocall-heat-information