We’ve got some exciting news for you; Moocall HEAT, our hotly anticipated heat detection system, is finally here!

If you already know how it works and want to buy, click here. Otherwise, keep reading.

How it works

The world’s best heat detector is a bull, and Moocall HEAT harnesses his natural ability to achieve a rate of heat detection accuracy previously unseen.

Unlike other heat detection products on the market, Moocall HEAT focuses on the bull; it zeroes in on his movements around the cow to determine whether the cow is in heat.

The system comes in two parts; a collar and Moocall RFID tags. Attach the collar to your teaser or stock bull, and attach the RFID tags to the cows and heifers.

Then, let the bull into the field and do his work. All of his movement and activity with the breeding herd is recorded.

Access all the information your collar collects on your smartphone or tablet on the Moocall Breedmanager app; download it free on the App store or Google Play store.

You will also receive SMS notifications on up to two phones.

Like the Moocall Calving sensor, Moocall HEAT operates over GSM and can work anywhere in the world with a 3G network.

Moocall HEAT is practical in that it requires minimal handling of the bull; the battery lasts for up to 60 days so you can fit it to your bull and not worry about it again until breeding is finished.

moocall heat hero


Other electronic heat detection systems can cost upwards of €8,000, and are mostly only designed to work in dairy operations.

Moocall HEAT costs €1,500, well below any other electronic heat detection system on the market.

It works equally well on suckler and dairy herds and, unlike other products, was designed primarily for breeding detection.

After 12 months there is an annual charge of €285 + VAT to keep your sensor operational.

This is discounted by either 10%, 15% or 20% if you own more than one HEAT sensor, and discounted by a further 10% if you also own a Moocall Calving Sensor!
If you’re interested in getting your hands on Moocall HEAT or a Calving Sensor, have a look at them here or call our team on +353 1 969 6038.
If you are interested in the Moocall HEAT system and living in Munster (or fancy a trip), why not come to our meeting in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork? You can get your free ticket on Eventbrite here.