Peter Germon from Greenhaven Speckle Park in Australia thinks the Moocall Calving Sensor is “a wonderful thing”.

Mr Germon took to Facebook to tell his story about how he used Moocall on his heifer, who successfully gave birth to a bull calf.

He explained what having a Moocall calving sensor means to him on a video he posted on his profile.

He said: “This little heifer here, through us using Moocalls, which is a birth detection, or a calving detection device.

“Here at Green Haven, is a wonderful thing. I cannot speak highly enough about it.

“This is an F1 cow, going to have an F1 calf, but at this time it doesn’t make any difference whether she’s a stud AUD$10,000 calf, or an AUD$1400 calf. It’s an insurance policy.

“It makes me feel good about what we’re doing.

“It’s 7pm at night and I can help put her to the yards, I’ve got an hour’s notice that she’s actually calving.

“Plus the signs of external that she’s actually calving that I wouldn’t have if I was sitting at home in front of the fire watching my Sunday Night Movie.

“Technology is a great thing.

“I don’t really think there is any other thing bar technology that can help us to produce better beef.

“And by having technology i can run this heifer down here with very little stress like we always try and achieve, to the yards where i can have her calve or help her calve with very little imput.”

In a second video, he revealed that the heifer gave birth to a healthy bull calf and he was on hand to make sure he gets a strong start in life!

Peter Germon is one of over 15,000 happy customers around the world to use the Moocall Calving Sensor on their herd, and to date, we have alerted farmers about over 400,000 calvings.

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